Millennials comprise one of the largest segments of customers and spend more than $200 billion annually. Selling products or services to this digitally savvy, well informed, and diverse segment can be challenging. Brands need to invest in an effective communication strategy to build and nurture this generation’s trust.  Here are five ways to ensure branding communication is effective with Millennials.

Be sincere: As Zig Ziglar says, “You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life.”

Today’s millennial consumer is both literally and figuratively smart.  Equipped with smart gadgets and abundance of information; the X and Y generations demand and expect much more than just a hard sell. According to Forbes, 84% of Millennials do not trust or respond to traditional “pushy” advertising. Being digitally savvy, these smart customers will do anything they can to block intrusive, meaningless advertising communication. They look for and value authentic communication from brands.

Strike the right chord with them with direct, relevant, and genuine communication. One example of authenticity is when a Wendy’s customer tweeted about the high-calorie content of their French fries. The brand’s honest response was that their fried potatoes were covered in cheese; they did not even try to claim that it was healthy. This earned them praise.

Develop a brand personality: Branding communication is also about creating a distinct and memorable persona. The brand Woodland’s consistent messaging has succeeded in forming an instant connection with outdoor adventure. Work on giving your brand a strong personality that is consistent with all communication efforts.

Offer experiences: Millennials attach more value to experiences than products themselves. A study by Factory360 found that more than 98% of Millennials were more open to buying a product after being part of an experiential campaign. Offer buying experiences in which they are likely to find more value, such as live presentations, events, walkathons, or any other event that offers a personal buying experience.

Content is still king: Content is what formulates the brand communication. According to a study by NewsCred, 60% of Millennials were likely to share content if they found it was thought-provoking and intelligent.

At every touch point across the entire marketing journey, be it social media, print, logo, video, product packaging, or emails, consistent and reliable branding communication goes a long way in connecting with Millennials.

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