Prescott Regency is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017. iAM Marketing was hired to deliver a complete brand strategy, package, and online presence.


Cryptocurrency firms face the challenges of an emerging, highly fluid industry that’s often misunderstood. Most exchanges are indistinguishable from their competitors. Standing out is always a challenge. Prescott-Regency needed to stand out from the current crowd of exchanges. The company needed a brand position that created a feeling of trust and wealth. They also needed a visual identity that was instantly recognizable in a crowded industry.


iAM Marketing positioned the company as the exchange for everyone, not just cryptocurrency insiders. To do this successfully, we developed the logo, visual brand elements, and content to align with the exchange’s goals of global appeal, wealth creation, and trustworthiness. The final site combines a blockchain ledger with traditional payment networks in a secure, reliable digital asset platform. Prescott-Regency has steadily built a list of reputable coins to list on its exchange and a growing list of traders who enjoy the site’s many features.

Services Provided

  • Logo & brand design
  • Story & narrative development
  • Mobile optimized website
  • Trade-show booth design


Download the Prescott Regency Case Study