I AM Marketing Offers

Seasoned relationship marketing professionals, people who have launched, owned, managed and run network marketing companies or divisions. These are the people who can mentor, guide and lead your company to success.

A flexible working model that enables us to work on one small portion of your business or act as your outsourcing partner for all of it – your choice. Cultural fluency that transcends barriers to marketplace entry. We are active in all major markets throughout the world including Asia, Europe, North and South America. Every global brand began with an idea. Brands grow through savvy marketing. Let’s talk about your idea. Let’s find ways to grow your company.


Network Marketing

A Vision To Transform Network Marketing

iAM Marketing began with a vision of a global network of marketing professionals dedicated helping companies grow, expand and flourish. Founders John and Tina Barksdale have built a flexible yet interconnected system of marketing, sales, operations, finance and other disciplines available to any sized business. Whether you are looking to launch a network marketing product or you already have a network marketing company but need specific guidance, I AM MARKETING can help you achieve your goals.

Tap into our knowledge for one project or an extended engagement

We offer the full array of services with 20+ years experience in the direct sales network marketing arena

Marketing services including reputation management, online marketing, and more.

  • International expansion and growth
  • Operations structure, staffing and overhaul
  • Compensation plan creation
  • Sourcing, import/export, packaging, and product creation
  • Full brand develop for new products or rebranding existing products
  • Network marketing training and training for MLM staff at all levels

Building a direct sales company takes experience. Trust those who have successfully launched, run, managed and marketed their own relationship marketing companies.

At iAM Marketing, our team consists of leaders in the network marketing fields. These professionals have amassed decades of experience in their respective disciplines.

Tap into our knowledge for one project or an extended engagement…our flexible business model ensures we provide you with exactly what you need to help your business grow.

Cryptocurrency Services

White label cryptocurrency is the most exciting financial development since the stock market became computerized.

Our white label cryptocurrency service can create, mine, and facilitate open trading of your own unique alternative currency. Use it as part of your network marketing campaign or create a stand-alone service. From creation to completion, iAM Marketing can help you stay ahead of the curve and create a safe, tradable cryptocurrency.

Coin Creation

White label cryptocurrency begins with coin creation. We can help you establish, brand, and create entire cryptocurrency networks. Get your new crypto coin up and running quickly and efficiently with our complete creation service.


Once your cryptocurrency grows, you’ll need more. Mining is like a stock split, breaking down cryptocurrency into more parts to add to the amount in circulation. Our systems efficiently mine white label cryptocurrency to help you grow.


Buy, sell, trade or convert cryptocurrency on the open market. We can establish an exchange or help you work with existing exchanges.

Hot and Cold Wallet

Keeping your cryptocurrency secure is our priority. We offer multiple firewall protected hot wallets and virtual vault-like cold wallets for added protection.


Get ahead of the curve with your own white label cryptocurrency

Our white label cryptocurrency service can create, mine, and facilitate open trading of your own unique alternative currency.

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