In every industry and market, there are knowledge experts who follow every change and advance within the industry.

You can wait for those influencers to spot your brand and make their own evaluation, or you can embark on an outreach program to help formulate influencer impressions and shape their public message about you.

Influencer Outreach Works in a Crowded Market.

What are people like Marc Andreessen, Brett King, or Don Tapscott saying about blockchain technologies? Wouldn’t it be nice if the most influential commentators in the blockchain industry were talking about your ICO or blockchain technology?

Influencers talk about ideas and news that interest them, and they discover those topics organically – from the news they read, the experts they themselves trust, and the conclusions drawn from their own research. If they never hear about your brand or technology, they’ll never talk about it.

Too many marketers opt for the easy approach to influencer outreach. That is, they make cold calls or emails, and hope the influencer will respond. Such marketing efforts usually end up in the spam box.

Professional influencer outreach includes demand generation – understanding the specific interests of each influencer and then tailoring targeted marketing programs to drive brand and product awareness and interest. It also involves entering into a relationship with those influencers in a mutually beneficial way.

iAM Marketing has the influencer outreach expertise to analyze your needs, and help you formulate an effective outreach strategy. Choosing the right influencer outreach partner is very important, and iAM Marketing is well-positioned to help.

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