It’s an intriguing time for cryptocurrency and ICOs in the global marketplace.

Most recently, Facebook has rolled back restrictions on ad space, Malta has become the first country in the world to provide an official set of cryptocurrency regulations, and countries like Thailand are following close behind with clearer guidelines for investors and companies operating in the cryptocurrency space.

All in all, it’s fair to say that cryptocurrency is entering its most exciting period yet.

In this edition of the iAM Marketing newsletter we bring you the latest in marketing trends, technology, and cryptocurrency news. We will also introduce you to one of our premiere clients, the world’s first blockchain-based postal service poised to bring back internet privacy and change the way we all send information online.

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An Eye on Marketing

  • How interactive is your content? Many brands, especially in the B2B space, have relied on blog content or other types of content to generate leads as part of their content marketing strategy. In 2018, you can expect interactive web experiences to take the lead in engaging visitors – experiences that display thought leadership in more compelling,animated and visual ways. Infographics are a perfect example. A highly shareable type of content, infographics can be designed to easily incorporate interactivity. Source: MarTech Series
  • Voice search is the new technology your marketing needs! Voice search is one of the most rapidly adopted technologies in recent history and it’s changing the way consumers interact with the world around them. When you ask a question, you don’t get 10 links back; you get one direct answer. Marketers should ensure the main voice providers in the space (Google, Apple, Microsoft) have the correct facts about their businesses so they can provide correct answers about them. For more on voice marketing, see Venturebeat’s best practices. Source: Telegraph Herald

An Eye on Crypto

  • Australia’s first regulated cryptocurrency exchange launches token! Independent Reserve, Australia’s first Sydney-based regulated cryptocurrency exchange, reportedly enabled support for Ripple’s token currency XRP, the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap after Bitcoin and Ethereum. With launch of trading on July 7, the exchange is offering trading to retail investors through its exchange and to institutional clients via over-the-counter trading. Source: CCN

iAM Original

What Is the Ecology of Your ICO?

We are rapidly witnessing ecology play a larger role in the launch of many ICOs and the longevity and viability of their tokens, products, and services.

When we talk about ecology and ICOs, we don’t mean your token has to serve an environmental purpose or function to be relevant and successful; we are referring to the unique ecosystem of your project or platform and how your perspective token fits into that ecosystem. It’s all about the way users spend or otherwise use their tokens within your application and what added benefits doing so affords them.

Consider what are thus far the most successful ICOs of 2018. An overwhelming number of them are either creating or targeting a specific ecosystem that services a unique industry sector or demographic.

Telegram, the hot new messaging tool, is reportedly planning to build an ecosystem of token-based services constructed inside the messenger app, such as distributed file storage and micropayments for peer-to-peer transactions.

Dragon Coin is targeting an existing and lucrative sector: gambling. Specifically, the high-roller wonder that is Macau. Launched by a Macau-based hotel and casino corporation, the coin is designed to take advantage of Macau’s popularity as a gaming location with Chinese high-rolling gamblers. Dragon Coin is marketed as a lower-fee alternative for high-rollers, who usually pay junket companies for access to gambling credit to get around strict Chinese regulations on taking money out of the country.

When you examine the inner workings of these and other hugely successful ICOs it becomes apparent investors and consumers are responding to tokens that power strongly integrated ecosystems. As important as the utility of your coin becomes, the infrastructure you build around that coin and its utility is equally important.

You may have a brilliant prototype or even a fully working product or service poised to disrupt the industry. However, if you want to launch a successful ICO to help realize that product’s or service’s potential, you need to keep ecology at the forefront of your designs from the earliest stage possible.

Client Spotlight: Envilope

Meet Envilope – the world’s first blockchain-based postal service. Envilope is committed to bringing back online privacy and changing the way we send information online. Founded by 30-year technology industry veteran Mark Allardyce, who is joined on the executive team by longtime collaborators Jeremy Sims and Colin Shave, Envilope is a virtual envelope capable of holding anything – emails, documents, media files – any form of digital content that can be sent electronically.

Sending that content in an Envilope gives users unprecedented and unparalleled control over who views their content as well as where, when, and under what conditions. If the sender suspects a breach, they have the option to vaporize any content inside their Envilope, even after sending or forwarding has occurred. Envilope is a unique and unmatched solution to many data problems currently facing individuals, businesses, and governments.

iAM Marketing has proudly partnered with Envilope to help realize their vision with original design, content, and branding efforts. iAM Marketing has passionately woven these through Envilope’s application and digital coin, website, social media platforms, and its white paper.

With the recent and successful pre-sale launch of their original cryptocurrency token, LOCK, Envilope is poised to move into the next phase of the company’s development. Its successful future looks to be all sealed up.




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