Reputation management services are a must-have public relations tool for the 21st century. How is your online reputation? Do you know how to check it? What if websites are posting negative information about your company – do you know how to successfully counter such negative campaigns?

Did you know that….

Nearly all executives agree that something should be done to manage their companies’ reputations, but few are actually doing anything proactively about it.

What can happen if your company’s good name is disparaged in forums, social media sites, blog posts, and other places online?

  • Lost reputation
  • Lost trust
  • Poor brand perception
  • Lower sales
  • Missed opportunities

Let’s face it – we live in a connected, digital world. We leave our digital footprints in the virtual sands as we visit websites, chat with friends on social media, comment, like or share articles. We have social media profiles, blogs, websites, and more. We leave behind an indelible impression – but of what?

Reputation Management: Control Your Reputation – Before It Controls You

We mentioned at the start of this article that reputation management is a must have tool for public relations in the 21st century. Before the social media, before the internet was even a twinkle in someone’s eye, public relations experts promoted carefully considered images of the companies and people they represented.

They did this in several ways:

  • Promoting positive stories about their clients in selected media.
  • Offering the media a narrative filled with positive stories to offset any negative press.
  • Demonstrating that their client was worthy of positive attention.

Today’s reputation management services do the same thing but in a digital world. iAM Marketing’s reputation management services can:

  • Counteract negative stories online with positive messaging.
  • Push negative pages and mentions down in the search results and pull up the positive information online.
  • Promote carefully crafted narratives that support your brand images so that no matter where potential and current customers turn for information, they learn the good that you do!

If you seek a competitive edge, then do what 90% of executives say they know they need, but fewer than 15% are actually doing. Begin your reputation management campaign today.

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