I read a statistic the other that on organic search marketing that’s absolutely staggering. Google processes 100 billion searches every month. 100. Billion. Read that again.

How many leads and clicks did you get from those 100 billion searches?

If the answer is, “Not enough,” then it’s time to take some drastic steps to overhaul your inbound marketing campaigns. Search engine optimization is a great first step to skyrocket your inbound clicks, leads, and sales.

Search Engine Optimization 2017 Style

Remember pumping keywords into your content and hoping the Google gods would like it? Remember SEO formulas that looked like something out of a 9th-grade algebra textbook?

Well, you can forget all of that. Today’s SEO is a far cry from the scripted, mathematical approach of yesterday.

Modern (2017) SEO draws from Google’s comments, marketers’ research and observations, and known best-practices. Some of the better SEO tips that can be used to boost organic search rank include:

  • Mobile optimization: It’s imperative that your website is properly optimized for mobile viewing. Mobile means on any device, not just a smartphone. Responsive websites are key to a better natural search engine rank.
  • Relevant backlinks: Backlinks are important, but spammy backlinks that don’t add value to your site can hinder rather than help your organic rank. The best way to generate high-quality backlinks is through….
  • Rich, relevant content: Rich, relevant, and engaging content that your audience responds well to if the best SEO practice known. The good news is that it is an evergreen practice, meaning it never goes out of style.
  • Make titles and descriptions stand out: The best way to get people to read your content is by making the title and meta description like a little advertisement that attracts and encourages clicks.

We hope that these tips will help you boost your search engine rank. If you’d like help with boosting great content, iAM Marketing offers a variety of services including reputation management, content creation, website design and build, search advertising and more. Together, these services can help your business dominate the search engine results page.