Product development refers to developing a completely new product from scratch. There are several steps in this intricate process. These include the ideation, prototyping, and testing, to ensure that the product is both ready to be launched into the market and a product that people want or need. There is another important aspect of product development – packaging planning.

Packaging planning refers to designing the packaging for a new product, testing it in the production line and for transport, and timing that process to ensure it does not delay the rest of production. Our team at iAm Marketing have outlined the importance of this process –

Why include packaging planning in product development?

  1. Important for marketing new products: Even if you have a great product, the packaging can make the difference between successful marketing and market failure. How a product looks depends on the way it is packaged. The packaging must be unique, relevant to the product within, and appeal to the target audience. Without these factors, even a great new product has a high chance of failing in the market.
  2. Needs to be planned by experts: The product development is a process that is undertaken by various experts who work on different aspects of product development. Packaging planning requires such expertise and cannot be planned and executed by professionals who are not acquainted with packaging design. Graphic design experts, transport specialists, market researchers, and quality analysts all must come together and work on the packaging of a product for it to be properly done. Other experts may be required based on the kind of product being packaged.
  3. Must be assimilated in the production process: Packaging is an integral part of the production process. A product is created, fine-tuned, packaged, and branded before it is out of the production line and on the shelves for wholesale and retail selling. It is, therefore, important to plan the packaging as such that it does not slow down the production process and assimilates with the rest of the production line seamlessly.

Contrary to popular perception, packaging design involves, but is not limited to, how a product looks on the shelves of a retailer or wholesaler outlet. There are a lot of other aspects associated with the packaging design, which is why it needs to be correctly integrated into the product development process.

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