And the Survey Says: The Top Marketing Challenges for Companies Today

What is the greatest marketing challenge for companies today? According to a report called The State of Inbound Marketing published by HubSpot, getting more leads is the biggest challenge companies face.

Heidi Cohen (who also happened to be my marketing professor in the Master’s degree program at New York University) published a great article on lead generation. She collated the best lead generation tips from among professionals in the marketing industry.

The results include:

  • Always include a strong call to action.
  • Impart values in all content that you publish.
  • Deliver the right content, to the right prospect, at the right time.
  • Work with the influencers in your community to reach more people.
  • Ensure that the purchase (or lead) process is easy.

This seems so simple. After all, I’m sure that you’ve tested your lead form or your online store. But have you? You may understand it so well after designing it or working with it for many months or years that it’s difficult for you to understand what customers experience when they go through the checkout process.

It might be worthwhile to have someone perform a website audit of your site to examine how well it is working and to determine what might hinder lead capture. iAM Marketing can perform site audits that provide action steps for you to take once we have identified items to fix.

What’s your biggest marketing challenge? Contact us today for answers. We’re here to help.