Tina Barksdale


A seasoned public relations and marketing professional with over seven years’ experience in multiple industries, Tina’s expertise includes private, public, nonprofit and government sectors, which allows her a unique understanding of the complex multifaceted global marketplace.
Through her experience and education, Tina has developed a keen eye, trained for brand awareness and social media traction. Her technique is forever adapting to the marketplace integrating the latest in social media platforms.

Tina is the Client Relations Manager and Executive Producer for iAM Marketing. Her responsibilities encompass overseeing all direct communication with clients and the formulation of creative promotional strategies. This includes content creation for social media, event organization and coverage, cinematography, photography, ad and brand awareness campaigns. Tina’s extensive strategic marketing and management experience brings a brand-focused, presence-building perspective to her multimedia production management.

Tina has a Bachelor of Arts from Oberlin College and has completed coursework for a Masters in International Politics from American University. When she is not working, she continues her education by participating in a variety of marketing, branding and social media training seminars that allows for her broad resource base to remain current with the state of the art technology, methods and marketing tools. In her free time Tina also enjoys actively participating in social dance, martial arts, photography, and volunteering with cause related non-profit organizations.

John Barksdale


John Barksdale is the visionary and creative genius behind the overall concept of iAM Marketing.

Drawing on his experience from developing a wide array of his own successful businesses, John brings a truly unique skill-set to the marketplace. His ability to transcend the business spectrum is the direct result of his mastery of technology, direct sales, manufacturing and marketing.

Raised in a large family that embraced individuality and creative thought, John graduated high school at the age of 13 and began his first entrepreneurial venture. By the time most of his peers were thinking about Senior Prom, John was already making his first million dollars at age 17.

John’s unique ability to conglomerate concepts has given him a competitive edge. By melding foundational principles of traditional corporate structures, the networking industry and online social media marketing, he has been able to predict trends and provided innovative yet practical applications for his clientele.

His capacity to visualize and create opportunities has made him one of the most sought out after mentors for serious business professionals and corporations around the globe. When he is not working John spends his time reading and researching for his motivational seminars that go beyond business and encompass total life skills training, emphasizing the unlimited potential of individuals that concentrate on becoming the best version of themselves’.

Richard A. Sloane

Finance Director

Richard A. Sloane is the Accounting and Finance Director for iAM Marketing and has extensive experience in accounting, tax, business consulting and has business in the service and manufacturing sectors. He manages the accounting function within iAM Marketing.

Richard began his business life as an accountant specializing in assisting closely held, including family businesses, earning his CPA certification in Rhode Island, USA in 1978. He later sold his accounting practice and relocated to Phoenix, AZ where he operated a manufacturing business for several years before returning to the accounting professional.
“In accounting, the only thing that needs to balance are debits and credits; everything else, is just theory,” states Richard.

When Richard isn’t crunching numbers or keeping us up to speed on tax law, he enjoys playing sports, long walks with friends, and spending time with his family.